Whole House Water Filters - Chlorine, Sediment & Heavy Metal Reduction

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Whole House Water Filter Systems from Fountain Softeners. Including High quality 800mm Stainless Steel hoses.

- ideal if you want clean filtered water from every tap in your home. It can be used on their own or in conjuction with one of our range of Water Softeners to offer the best possible results across your home.

Whole House Filters are designed primilarly to improve the taste of the water and reduce the chlorine levels which gives water its often unpleasant taste and odour. This, as well as not being pleasant, often has a detrimental effect on peoples skin when showering and using the water for bathing, hair washing etc.

Our filters are built using the highest quality carbon/charcoal which will last a considerable time (1-2 years) on average with no maintenance and will just require an exchange unit to be delivered to you which can be swapped over in minutes once the unit has reached its capacity.

Some of the benefits of our filters include:

* Chlorine Reduction - takes away the nasty taste and odour from the water.

* Sediment Reduction - removes any sand/dirt or rust from the water supply.

* Heavy Metal Reduction - if you are concerned about Lead or Copper in the water supply.

* Filtered water is better for your skin - reduces irritation and itchiness.

* Flouride Reduction as standard on all of our units.

* One Filter does it all - no need to change multiple smaller filters

* No maintenance required - just enjoy pure filtered water all around the house.

We offer our range of filters in 3 x sizes to suit all households.


Mini - dimensions 200mm circumference x 540mm high

Perfect for smaller properties - up to 4 people, designed to fit under a sink and is a great space saving option.

Midi - dimenions 250mm x 710mm high

Ideal for larger properties - up to 6 peeople and where usage is higher and you want a compact unit with a longer life between filter exchanges. Small enough to fit in most domestic kitchen cupboards.

Maxi - dimensions 250mm x 990mm high

Designed for larger properties or larger households where the usage is high or where you require the maximum service life between exchanges. These units are designed for garages or plant rooms where size is not so critical.


Installation - We recommend that these units are installed on our high flow Stainless Steel hoses to make installation as simple as possible and it also allows for easy disconnection when swapping over the filters.

On the dropdown you will find a range of install options including a filter mounted bypass option which makes swapping the filter super easy. Click here to buy the Clack Bypass

The filters are available with 3/4" BSP connections for use with 15mm and 22mm pipework or we have the 1" BSP option for using on installations with 28mm pipework. See the dropdown for options.