Water Filter Systems & Filters

water filter kit is an essential part of your Drinking Water Filter System. These systems with water purification filters will reduce contaminants, from taste and odour to scale reductions filters. Notably, our undersink water filter kits reduce chlorine and many other chemicals including pesticides.

Our water filter kits range in capacity and degrees of filtration from the single taste and odour filter to the 6-stage Reverse Osmosis drinking water system which takes out 99% of the chlorine, taste and odours, sediment as well as virtually all bacteria, pesticides, insecticides and viruses.   Reverse Osmosis systems will also remove Micro Plastics from your water.

Most of these systems have a filter which needs to be changes every 6 months but it's really easy to do.  All water filter kits below are main water filters and are compatible with our wide selection of 3-Way Kitchen Filter Taps

We cannot be sure what we are drinking, so scrap the plastic bottles - take control and filter your own!