Cintropur Activated Carbon

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Replacement Cintropur Activated Carbon for SL240 DUO & TRIO Whole House Filter Systems.

Each pack of Cintropur activated carbon contains 3.4 litres which is enough for 4 x refills for the SL240 Duo & Trio models.

Water treatment carbon has large pore volume and pore size, making it suitable for the removal of odour, chlorine, ozone, micro-pollutants such as pesticides and other dissolved organic particles.
  • The carbon's lifetime depends on its application: for drinking water, it's recommended to change the carbon every 3 months (max. 20.000 filter volumes) otherwise at least every 6 months.
  • Due to the particular intern mechanism, it's possible to maintain very good flow rate/pressure drop values.
  • Very cost effective carbon refills.
  • Packaging especially designed for an easy filling of the filter.


For hygiene and in order to make the best use of its functions and efficiency, it is recommended to change the activated carbon at least after each three months especially on drinking water, or at least after each 6 months on all other kinds of water such as rainwater or well water.