Water Softener Tablet Salt

Shop salt tablets for water softeners in 10kg bags and 25kg bags. Our selection currently includes Aquamarine tablets yet the brand we supply is susceptible to change but will always remain compatible with all water softeners manufacturers. We select only high-quality salt tablets that are food grade, meaning they do not contain any anti-caking agents.

Packed in robust 10kg and 25kg bags.

Please allow 3-5  days (Mon-Fri) for delivery. 

Please note that due to stock availability the brand may differ from the image but be assured it is the best quality water softener salt

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How do Water Softener Salt Tablets work?
The water softener tablets work the process of ion exchange which changes hard water into soft water. The hard water goes over the resin beads which eliminate magnesium and calcium (limescale) and replace them with sodium ions. When the resin beads need to recharge, the regeneration cycle takes place to enable the resin to process the ion exchange again.

The salt used in the tablets comes from pure salt. We also supply granular water softeners salt and block salt. The right salt level depends on the age of the water softening system and the harshness of the water. Overall we recommend keeping at least one quarter full of salt at all times.