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Shop for 2 'easy to carry' bags of 10kg Tablet Water Softener Salt. 


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Salt tablets are made from pure salt and then formed into small, pillow shaped briquettes, compressed to minimise chipping. They are different than block salt which consists of compacted salt in the size of a house brick. Granular salt is instead made of low density salt in the form of crystals between 1.0mm to 3.5mm.

Water softener salt tablets can be used for the regeneration of small to medium sized domestic water softeners and dishwashers. It has been formulated to dissolve efficiently without causing the formation of troublesome fine salt particles.

✔ Premium Quality salt tablets  (brands may vary)
✔ Food Grade. Grade A / food quality salt standard BS EN973

Water softener salt tablets are packed in handy 10 and 25kg bags, gussetted for strength and durability. The high quality, heat sealed plastic means that the product is totally protected even under the most demanding of storage conditions.