Duplex Commercial Water Softeners

Duplex Water Softener is the term used for a twin vessel system.

These systems are used when the programmed volume has been reached the service unit that is exhausted goes immediately into regeneration. The unit that was in stand-by then automatically goes into service thus ensuring 24/7 soft water production. Typical applications are Hotels, Restaurants, Car Washes and where the anticipated usage is not accurate or may well increase during seasonal operations.

We use the high quality "Clack" range of valves  on our commercial  softeners which offer high flow rates combined with ease of use and maintenance.

From £1066.80 inc VAT & FREE UK mainland delivery.

If you do not require constant soft water 24 hours per day, or have an application where the usage does not vary greatly between days, then look at our range of single tank “Simplex” softeners