Simplex Commercial Water Softeners

Commercial water softeners are designed to remove the excess minerals and impurities from hard water, which can cause damage to pipes and fixtures, reduce the efficiency of appliances, and affect the taste and quality of water. These systems are used in a variety of commercial settings, including hotels, restaurants, offices, and industrial facilities.

Simplex Water Softener is the term used for a single vessel system.

All the models listed below regenerate on  the volume of soft water used and are ideal for where the usage will  not tend to vary  hugely from day to day. Typical application s are offices, schools, large domestic properties and applications where the usage per day has been roughly calculated and  soft water is not being required  contantly 24 hours per day.

We use the high quality "Clack" range of valves  on our commercial  softeners which offer high flow rates combined with ease of use and maintenance.

If you require soft water 24 hours per day, or have an application where the usage will vary greatly between days, then look at our range of twin tank “Duplex” softeners.