Water Softener Self Cutting Waste Kit - for all water softeners.

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Water Softener Self Cutting Waste Kit - Suitable for all makes of Water softeners.

Two size options:

Single Tank - for all Coral Softeners, Swan ranges, Homewater 100 and Homewater 500.

Twin Tank - for all Harvey Crown, Minimax,Twintec, Dualflo softeners with 3/8" waste tubing.

  • Enables softener drain to be attached to 32 mm or 40 mm standard waste pipes.
  • Can be mounted on horizontal or vertical pipe runs.
  • Simply clamps on and uses a self cutter to create Hole in the wste pipe.
  • Comes with adapters specially sized to be compatible with our range of Softeners drain hoses.
  • Adapted from the Washing Machine System, our kit includes additional fitments for water softeners.
  • Unit has a non-return valve to prevent foul water entering the drain hose
12 months parts warranty.