Coral 10-litre Metered Water Softener - Soft Water for up to 4 people

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Discover the Coral 10 Litre Softener - a compact electric metered Water Softener for up to 4 people.

Summer Offer -  4 FREE BAGS OF 10kg TABLET SALT (WORTH £49.98) 

Stylish cabinet with a light coral effect finish, featuring the ultra reliable Autotrol Logix valve.

Use the drop down bar above to select the softener and discounted install kit.

7 Year parts warranty and all our Coral Water Softeners come with a FREE Extended 3 year Labour Warranty!

Assembled and tested in the UK.

Uses block, tablet or granular salt.

Dimensions: H 530 x W 275 x D 460 mm.

All prices shown include VAT and delivery to mainland UK. We are happy to ship worldwide, please see our for shipping page for rates, or contact us on 0845 10 80 685 (local call rate) or 01403 700794

Choose your discounted Installation Kit from the list above - but which Installation Kit do I need?

It is important that you select the correct installation kit to suit your pipework and hot water system in your property. This avoids any chance of the incorrect installation kit from restricting through the water softener and therefore within your property.

In U.K homes, generally there are three sizes of pipework measurements, all are the diameter across the pipe and they are 15mm, 22mm & 28mm. Generally Water softeners are installed near where the water enters your property, so please measure the pipework above the main isolation valve.

If you have 15mm pipework and a conventional gravity fed, or indirect, system which has a cold water tank in the loft space and hot water cylinder, then our standard  15mm installation kit would be suitable. We offer two lengths of flexible hose to go between your fixed pipework and the water softener, either 1000mm or 1500mm long.

If you are still on 15 mm pipework but have a combination boiler, or direct type system, then you are better to go with the 15mm High Flow installation kit. This has the benefit of using uprated fittings and connection hoses and ensures that you get full flow through everything and therefore get no restriction on flow to and from  your water softener. We offer two lengths of flexible hose to go between your fixed pipework and the water softener, either 800mm or 1000mm long.

If you have 22mm pipework, then the best choice is one of our 22mm install kits. This is found in nearly all houses built since year 2000 and are generally used on feeding mains fed unvented hot water systems. We offer these kits with either 800mm or 1000mm long flexible connection hoses.

In larger properties then we offer a 28mm installation kit for use with suitable Water softeners where the connection pipework is 28mm diameter. We offer two lengths of flexible hose to go between your fixed pipework and the water softener, either 800mm or 1000mm long.

If you are unsure about any of the install kit choices, then please call us on 0845 10 80 685 or email for clarification

 Coral Brochure

 Coral Installation Instructions

The owner of a Fountain Softeners water softener is protected by the following guarantees, which include the right to exchange or repair in the case of a manufacturer’s defect for up to: 7 Years Parts 3 Years Labour The guarantees are under condition that the softener is installed according to Water Regulations and to the manufacturer’s instructions as well as the following: 1) Our softeners are designed to be used on municipal mains pressure cold water only. 2) You must ensure that there is appropriate salt in the brine tank. 3) The power supply, where applicable, must be maintained to the softener. 4) If power supply is interrupted for any reason then the softener must be adjusted accordingly, see installation instructions 5) The inlet and outlet valves must always be open. The by-pass valve must always be closed. 6) The units do not normally require regular servicing, however we recommend the addition of our resin cleaner periodically to ensure best results are achieved from the softener. 7) If irregularities should occur, you would need to:- Isolate the softener using the inlet and outlet valves Open the by-pass valve Contact Customer Services on 0845 10 80 685 or email